The poster that hangs in our main office at 1404 Warrington Avenue in Danville that provides us a constant reminder of our history

We've Come A Long Way

Bryant Industries has come a long way since selling parts off of a few junk cars in the late 50's.  We officially opened for business at our Westville location in 1961, selling parts out of a barn.  The parts business was good to us over the years, growing steadily into the 80's.  In 1987, we dipped our first toe into the recycling business, adding a non-ferrous recycling operation to our Westville location and opening a small recycling operation at 1406 Warrington Avenue in Danville.  These were an instant success, and set us on the path to where we are today.

As vehicles became more and more complex and harder to work on, Bryant's Auto Parts & Recycling (as we were known then) moved further and further into the recycling side of the business.  In 2006 we put in our first iron scales and bought our first crane, which was an immediate success, giving us lines of customers out into Warrington Avenue.  It was becoming apparent that the face of Bryant's Auto Parts & Recycling was changing, and we felt that with that change in business should come a change in names.  In January of 2007, we became Bryant Industries and officially started a new era in our history.  Since that time, our auto parts business has remained strong, as it has transitioned into one of the most successful U-Pull operations in the area.

We've come a long way since the days of selling parts out of a barn, but we have not forgotten where we came from.  Although progress and the need for space eventually resulted in us tearing down the old barn in 2010, we have kept several pictures of it around to constantly remind us of where we started.  Although the face and the name of the business has changed through the years, the community and customer friendly approach that was our hallmark in 1961 is still our hallmark today.